Clinical Psychology,Educational Psychology,Personality Psychology,Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children,Health Psychology,Curriculum,Philosophy of Education,Measurement (psychometric),General Psychology,Industrial and Organizational Psychology,Social Psychology,Psychology of Learning,Psychology in Management Science and Economics,Behavior in Psychology,Behavior-behavior group,Organizational Behavior,Behavior in Political and Social Science,Environmental and Agriculture Behavior and Other items related to psychology.


Social Science:

Social Science Research,Social Science Methodology,Social Welfare Planning,Social Work,Social Pathology,Demographics,Sociology,Anthropology,Women and Family Studies,Sociology of Communication, Theoretic Sociology,Medical Anthropology,Gender and Family,Cultural Sociology,Political Sociology,Urban Sociology,Historical Sociology,Development Sociology and other items related to social sciences


The purpose of International Conference on Psychology and Social Science is providing a forum of communication for academics,researchers,scientists,scholars and students from the Universities and the industry all around the world to present ongoing research activities,and hence to foster research relations between the Universities and the industry. This conference provides opportunities for the researchers to exchange new ideas and experiences related to Psychology and Social Science.


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conference date:  17 Feb.,2018
Deadline for submitting articles: 21 Jan.,2018
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